February 9, 2023

Where you decide to live can change a lot about what job prospects, scenery, and fun are available to you. Nowhere in the world offers as many options, combined with as high pay, as the Washington, DC, area!


If you’re planning on moving to the capital and aren’t sure what to expect, these are the top tips to keep in mind!

1. Public Transit Is Your Friend

In many cities like Detroit, and Los Angeles, you’d be right to assume that you need a car to survive. Unfortunately, having a car in D.C. can be a liability. Not only does this area have some of the most dangerous traffic in the nation if you’re not used to it, but after car insurance, car payments, maintenance, and everything else that goes into owning a car here: it’s not worth it.

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Public transit in D.C. is efficient, on time, and offers the chance to get you anywhere you want to go on a predictable schedule.

2. Consider Roommates for Many Reasons

Roommates are a must if you’re starting a career in D.C.! This plan can make Washington DC apartments for rent far more affordable to the average person, and it gives you a built-in social circle. Check out these apartments for rent in baton rouge la If you don’t have any friends or know anyone in the city, it can be hard to break into the social scene solo.


Roommates help you break down bills and get rid of barriers that would stop you from getting to know the locals.

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3. Explore the History and Education

DC has some of the most complicated histories of any city in the nation. Because of this, it’s vital that you stop and take in everything you can absorb. This will allow you to understand the country better while also ensuring you can have fun getting to know the beautiful new city you live in. Although there’s a lot to do and see here, you’ll always want to see more!

4. Enjoy the Endless Natural Beauty

At home in the American South, there’s no city as perfectly surrounded by beautiful ocean, trees, and plains. A short drive outside of the town could leave you floating down the Potomac on a kayak or hiking along trails full of incredible trees and animals.

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Give yourself the work and life balance you deserve, and get outside as often as possible.

5. Remember to Climb The Job Ladder

Whether you’re trying to work in communication or government work, it’s vital that you remember every interaction here can end up affecting your career. For this reason, it’s important to stop and think about what your long-term career goals are and work to make that possible.


Through networking, socializing, and some great impressions, you can help build your career a lot faster.

There’s Nowhere Else Like Washington, DC!

Whether you’re moving from a smaller city or you’re curious about what this busy area of the nation could offer: Washington will blow you away. Get to know these tips, and you’ll get the most out of your first few months in town!

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