April 12, 2022



This article will give an outlook into the new updates from TikTok. This social platform is known for adding new features and making any alterations frequently. Influencers and marketers on TikTok must stay abreast of these new updates. Only then can they plan their strategies accordingly. Currently, this lip-synching social platform has made a slew of new updates. If you are related to TikTok in any way other than just consuming the content, then give it a read. Here, I have given some essential new updates from TikTok that one should make a note of. 


The Pilot Version of Stories Section:

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All the major applications have the stories section feature except TikTok. It is anticipated that TikTok will launch this feature very soon. Reports suggest that TikTok is testing the pilot version of TikTok Stories through specific users. It will launch globally based on the response it gets from them. Soon there may be paid services to increase the content reach on TikTok Stories. It is ideal to buy tiktok followers packages to enhance the traction of the content uploaded on the Stories section. Snapchat is regarded as the pioneer for the Stories section. It is the first-ever social platform to launch this feature. Subsequently, all other social applications added the Stories section feature. 


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Reports suggest that TikTok is also going to launch the same feature very soon. Once the pilot version of the application gains the expected reach, it will launch the feature officially. Hence, TikTok marketers and Influencers should proactively start planning their strategies for the stories section. Once the stories section gets introduced, the user base of this application may increase further in the coming times. Trollishly says that TikTok will open the stories feature to global use within a year. 


The Rolling Out of Live Shopping:  


Live Feature has been gaining a staggering visibility rate for a long time now. According to the recent survey, live stream videos have an almost 2x higher engagement rate than the standard videos. Hence, marketers always look to make the best out of this feature. TikTok has recently come up with the live shopping feature for the benefit of social commerce. Such moves from TikTok are the significant reasons that make social media marketers give priority to it. In the live session, brands are allowed to share the link of their products and services. Incorporating this feature will enable the brands to directly share the product page links and drive the customer to make purchases. Thus, turning a prospect into a customer is simplified with the launch of this feature. Marketers can quickly level up social sales by the launch of Live shopping feature. 


For a long time now, Live streaming videos have been used for product launches and promotions. Brands have the habit of going live and giving demonstrations about their newly launched product. Thus, they capitalize on the higher visibility rate of the Live videos. On seeing the crucial role of Live videos in social commerce, TikTok has enabled this possibility of doing Live shopping. Trollishly states that after the launch of this feature, many brands have started to promote their new products. 


Live Shopping is also a great boon to the Influencers. In recent times, Influencers have been the significant promoters for many brands. It can also be notified that these Influencers are the face of the companies on the social platforms. TikTok Influencers have the habit of going Live frequently. During Live, they interact with their followers and answer their queries. Now, through Live shopping, they can endorse a product by sharing its checkout link. TikTok is constantly adding new features for social commerce. Researches suggest that by 2022, social sales will contribute to 70 % of the total sales of B2C brands.  


The Enabling of SharePlay for TikTok:

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iOS in its latest update enables the TikTok users to share the screen during FaceTime. The enabling of this feature is anticipated to improve the user experience furthermore. Hence, giving importance to this feature can improve the brand reach much more in the coming years. Even if your dear one is far away, you can enjoy TikTok watching TikTok videos together through SharePlay. Currently, not all the social platforms are upgraded to this feature. It may take a long time for all the social applications to come up with such a feature. So, the SharePlay feature can increase the time people spend on this application. Not all social platforms currently have this feature. Hence, the availability of this unique feature can drive many users to TikTok. 


TikTok always makes timely moves. It keeps on upgrading it according to the new technologies. It gives a unique look even to the users who have been using it for a long time now. Hence, brands can stay on this application due to its longevity and characteristics of updating it frequently. 


Wrapping Up:

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TikTok is a pioneer to all other social platforms in many ways. TikTok is the first-ever complete video-centric application. It is the social platform that increases the reach of the video content. So, the recent new updates may be followed by other social media in the coming times. 



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