April 9, 2022

Small companies usually cannot rent large advertising spaces, but they still cannot do without effective bill placement. All you need is competent planning before poster printing Coquitlam to avoid losses and reduce costs:

Formulation of goals: what should be achieved? Is the company as a whole, an event, or a time-limited campaign being advertised?

Target Group: Which consumers or users do I address with my posters?

Location search: This raises the question of where to find the desired target group. In many cases, it makes sense to be close to the company. It’s always best when you need to encourage customers to come to us in a hurry. For example, if you want to appeal to athletes, there are advertising spaces around fitness studios, sports fields or popular running routes.

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Cheap alternatives: as mentioned above, general excerpts offer good value for money for promotional messages. In some communities, public billboards can also be used. Sometimes there are other attractive posts that can be placed – provided that posters can also be placed there. Include indoor advertising spaces in your considerations. Bulletin boards, storefronts, and wall surfaces are often available in target group-oriented buildings.

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Poster Design Tips

Regardless of whether an event is just announced or a complex marketing campaign is about to begin: the more noticeable poster printing Vancouver is, the higher the probability that it will attract attention. To stand out from the crowd, there are different ways to create your poster:

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Size: If the poster covers the entire facade of the building, you can’t help but look. Even a small large-scale advertisement attracts attention. Unfortunately, this is also very expensive.

Saturated colors: If you reach into a barrel of paint for your poster, you are already doing a lot for a strong perception. However, too much good can be counterproductive – if the motive seems too inharmonious or too distracting from the actual advertising message.

Strong color contrasts: If the colors are noticeably different from each other, it usually attracts attention. However, there is a risk that all this will not look particularly harmonious.

Solid colors:
all on one color! For example, if the poster is completely green, it will stand out among the bright neighbors. However, a sensitive instinct is required here when choosing color nuances and creating the necessary contrasts. In addition, the color should correspond to the subject of the advertising message or corporate identity.

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Free areas: they always seem generous because you don’t have to use all the space for advertising. At the same time, they stand out from most of the other posters that use this space. Everything looks noble if the free area is white or black. The latter can also be a little depressing.

Optical techniques: a rotating snail or an ever-increasing spiral staircase – small optical illusions attract attention and encourage you to look again.

Unusual solutions for our perception: if the monkey has green fur or there is no pulp in the orange peel, but there is a fried egg, we first cut off what we saw. And then, probably, take a closer look. If we meet with this motive again, we will definitely look again at such an unusual solution.

Additional benefit:
Admittedly, it’s a bit tricky. Current traffic reports or weather forecasts cannot be displayed on printed posters. However, there may be other types of information that you poster printing Vancouver. The motto is short and pleasant, so as not to abuse the attention of the poster.

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