April 12, 2022

Business projects are now simply taking over the world.  Every day something new and interesting comes up.  And many people have a question, how can .Net from outsource dotnet development – dataxdev help business?  In this we will figure it out today.

 In general, .NET is a popular software development platform.  It was created by Microsoft and officially released in 2002.  Then the American giant wanted to compete with the .NET Framework with Sun, which dominated the Java platform.  As for the main differences, the brainchild of Microsoft is more designed for Windows.  To this day .NET is in demand, and thousands of libraries and programs have already been written on it.  And the latest .NET Core not only has a modular structure, but also targets a wide variety of operating systems.

.NET Developers

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 The .NET platform has its own specific features, which is typical for other languages ​​and systems.  Hence the wide range of products that developers are involved in.  It can be a financial topic, or, for example, something social.  It is just about the important groups of applications that need to be covered in more detail.

 Client Applications

We are talking about client and web applications.  Thanks to .NET, there are certain Windows-specific components.  The most famous of these are the calculator and notepad.  Business analysts have probably heard or used Power BI to visualize information.  But Tradesignal is useful for traders.  Notably, Client Applications uses Windows Forms and WPF technologies.

 Web Development

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A popular grouping of programs for .NET.  These are exclusively web applications using the Internet and a browser.  As for the complexity, it can be very different: from a one-page site to complex software.  To work, you need to know not only C #, but also ASP.NET MVC.  It is highly desirable to understand JavaScript, HTTP.  Progressive development requires knowledge in the field of hosting, as well as cloud technologies.


 Now let’s look at .Net specifically in the business area.  There is a special area for business – Enterprise.  Serious programs like CRM are being developed here.  These are whole systems for tracking user behavior on the network, namely customers.  Applications for document circulation and information management are created.  In addition to .NET, it is important to know JavaScript, C #, SharePoint, etc.

 And with the help of .NET, computer games are made on the Unity engine.  The developer needs to be able to use Mono and, of course, C #.  .NET is also widely used for the Internet of Things.

Thanks to .NET, the specialist will definitely be in demand.  A wide range of destinations and a flexible approach make the platform very attractive.  If there is a desire to order the creation of programs, then it is better to immediately contact the professionals.  Since the technology stack for web applications requires a special approach and attention.

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