November 9, 2022

In some cities, false alarms can cost businesses a lot of money. This varies by city, but most now will charge either for every false alarm or after 1st or 2 per quarter or, in some areas, a month.

Large companies use professional monitoring companies but pay $40+ per camera per month. Another way to do this is self-video verification. Who better than the owner or managers to determine if a situation at your business is an employee working late or picking up something they forgot or a thief?  AlarmReady cameras are a hosted solution that allows businesses to add from a single to a few cameras to their business to do their video verification. The best part is that once they start, they can build out the system into a complete video surveillance system for their business.

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The cameras are super easy to install by companies’ IT team or their regular reseller, integration partner, or MSP. The IPTECHVIEW platform and AlarmReady Cameras are available from your local integrator partner. If they do not have them, they can contact  ABPTECH.COM, a national wholesale distributor that trains and sell the cameras to the reseller channel.

Thes cameras come pre-configured with a one-year initial subscription, so all that needs to be done by the installer is to mount the cameras, and the company or their reseller can manage everything in the cloud. SMS or email Alerts are personalizable and can be configured for multiple people. Alerts can also be forwarded to a monitoring company of choice and often provide customers with a less expensive per-company charge.

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AlarmReady cameras are part of the IPTECHVIEW surveillance solution.

IPTECHVIEW surveillance is super easy to use and requires no training.

Companies can start with one camera and one location and scale to hundreds of locations and hundreds of cameras per location.

In summary, IPTECHVIEW Cloud Video Surveillance is an innovative cloud video management solution where business owners can easily add one or several cameras to their business. These will detect if an Alarm goes off and immediately let the owners or managers do video verification. It is easy to expand a system of just a couple of cameras to do video verification of alarms to a full-blown top-of-line video surveillance system. The best part is this system can be purchased and installed through your local installer or IT company. Call to find an IPTECHPARTNER near you.

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