March 5, 2022

Relationships are a time and effort-consuming affair. Some take it casually while the majority of couples are very serious about it. If you plan on spending most of your time with one person, there may come a time where you will have to adjust. Sometimes you might disagree. It is the amalgamation of these bitter-sweet banter, adjustments, and understanding that makes a relationship work.

In the last two decades, we have seen the evolution of social media and texting. From winks and approaches, the trend shifted to impressing partners with words, or should I call texts. Old-timers still feel the classic way of impressing a girl or a boy works, and we won’t deny that. But it no longer is a trend now, but normalcy that the millennials have adapted, while this generation has grown up with. We are no expert in this field, but one thing is assured in today’s times – the one who wins over the keyboard, wins over the heart. And that is the reason why Bharat keyboard’s Marathi keyboard app is helping thousands of people in getting into a relationship and sustaining it beautifully.

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The Marathi keyboard is a popular Marathi typing keyboard. Its popularity is not restricted to youngsters but to all age groups. The keyboard is a multifunctional keyboard and hence can cater to different needs of different people. But the reason why we bring this up today is because of its efforts in bringing and keeping couples together. One such couple who love the keyboard is Sanjay and Nita. They met through a mutual friend many years ago and instantly hit it off. They started texting each other, dated for a couple of years, and are now married. How did this keyboard help them? Let me tell you.

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Quick Replies

Ever faced the delay between pressing on the text box and the keyboard popping up? Then also between typing and letters appearing on the screen? If you ask this question to Sanjay and Nita, their answer would be a straight No. The Marathi keyboard is very fast and responds instantly to touch. Further, typing is smooth with various options are available.

Beginning with the typing options, the Marathi keyboard consists of an English, Marathi, and English to Marathi transliteration keyboard. The conversion from English to Marathi is done instantly. So, when Sanjay initially took the first step and messaged Nita on Facebook, the conversation never faltered. He was able to give quick and cheesy replies before the moment passed, which is important.
Nita too wanted to frame the best replies which she was helped with by the Marathi keyboard app. Auto-correction, word suggestions, and completions aided in creating flawless messages. This initial setting up and unknowing usage of the same keyboard got them along pretty well.

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Never Forget to Inform

Waiting for your spouse or partner oblivious to their dinner plans with friends? Or forgot to inform them about the dinner at your boss’? Yes, that could be frustrating. But a key to a peaceful relationship is keeping your partner informed, if necessary. While we understand personal space, this is only intended to not make them worry, or deserted without any information of your whereabouts.

Although Sanjay and Nita did face these natural problems initially, it was after their introduction to the Clipboard and Shortcut features of the Marathi typing keyboard, that such instances started to reduce. Using the shortcut feature, you can send frequently used lines on your keyboard and send them with a click. Imagine you are driving, and it is difficult to type that you will not be home for dinner. If ‘I won’t be home for dinner is saved on your keyboard, open the chat of your partner and click on the line. It will be sent. Quick messages are useful, and they minimize the chances of you forgetting to inform.

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Using the shortcut feature, the copied messages of the past one hour can be accessed. So if you had copied something important but forgot to send it, and have now overwritten it something else, do not worry. Click on the clipboard access button and copy the message you wanted to share.



Relationships are difficult to manage, especially if it is long distance. Sanjay was in Toronto for a business meeting when the lockdown was announced. There was no way he could return home with flights shutting operations temporarily, until further notice. For the next two months that he was away from Nita, he felt very lonely, and likewise for Nita.

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Stickers from the Marathi keyboard app, along with frequent video calls reduced the effect of the distance separating them. The keyboard has hundreds of romantic sticker packs that would not just be relatable, but alternatives to your normal text messages. What makes these sticker packs even more special is that you can replace them with your avatars. And no, you don’t have to use any separate apps to create them, all of it is done from the keyboard itself.

Romantic avatar stickers, imagine that for reducing the missing of your loved one. Along with this, bigmojis are animated (well, some are) big emojis that can be shared as stickers. Also, messages up to 25 characters can be instantly sent as stickers -automatically generated by the keyboard.

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Say the Right Things

Right Things

Emotions are a part of our life. There are times when we might be sad, or happy, but it is a representation of our thoughts and feelings. A good partner always knows how to handle different phases of your mood swings. When you are far away like I mentioned with the case of Sanjay and Nita, then you cannot even enjoy or console your partner physically. Words are your only option.

To keep things healthy between the two of you, understanding is important. Marathi keyboard’s online library of amazing text content will guide you through this task. If one of the two got sad, the other would send a hilarious Marathi or English joke from the keyboard which guarantees a smile on their face. If one of them felt low or discouraged, a beautiful quote would instantly lift their spirits. And for your romantic soul, mesmerizing Shayari will make your face go red. With these lines, always say the right things and never miss a moment of comforting your partner,


Personalize your keyboard

Personalize your keyboard

The Marathi keyboard is completely customizable. If you miss your partner every time you are away from them, keep their picture as the keyboard background. Whenever you enable the keyboard to type, you can see the face of your loved one.
Apart from this, the keyboard has hundreds of ready-made themes to choose from, and many settings that can enable you to set your keyboard up as you want.

Last but not the least, not to worry Bharat Keyboard also offers the same features for many other regional languages like Malayalam, Hindi, and Marathi. They have a dedicated keyboard for most of the regional languages. Out of these, my personal favorite is Malayalam Keyboard App.

Download Manglish Keyboard now to enhance your everyday conversation.

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